Introduction to solar/grid powered charging station

In India more than 80 Million household are living without electricity . Those who are connected to grid , always face scheduled and unscheduled power cut. In most of the rural areas electric power is available during few hours in day . People who don’t have electricity spent Rs 3- 5 / day for lighting using kerosene lamp . Even people who have grid connection use kerosene lamp or candle during unavaialibity of power from grid as they can not afford to buy UPS. Use of kerosene lamp is root cause of many diseases among poor people. Kerosene lamp produces green house gases like CO2. Schneider Electric’s Battery Charging station will help the poor people to have clean source of light with affordable price. In areas where grid has not reached , the battery charging station can be installed to have efficient source of lighting from solar energy .

The battery charging station consists of a battery charger which can charge 10 numbers of 12V , 5AH SMF batteries in parallel .It can be powered by Solar Panel or Grid Supply or both . In remote areas where grid power is not available it can powered by 100% solar power . A single 12V, 5Ah SMF battery can power the Schneider Electric LED based light for 8 hours.

Business Model :

This battery charging station will be run by an entrepreneur, who can supply the batteries or lamp and batteries both on rent.

A local entrepreneur has to own the battery charging station. The local entrepreneur needs to invest for the battery charging station. Schneider Electric will provide the complete technical solution and after sales support. The local entrepreneur needs to collect daily rent and manage the charging station.

Scalability and Reliability of the system

The charging station is a scalable system . The battery charging station consist of independent battery charging modules, which can charge 10 batteries in parallel mode . So the battery charging station can be scalable to charge batteries in multiple of 10 i.e 10 , 20 , 30 …..100 by adding an additional battery charging module .

As each battery charging module is independent , the system is highly reliable .In case of fault in one system, it does not affect operation of other charging systems .

Space Requirement

Grid Powered Charging Station
The battery charging station requires space to keep the charger and batteries .The charger and batteries need to be placed indoors, where as the solar panel will be installed outdoor. A battery charging station with 10 batteries will require a rack of size ( 2ft X 3ft X 3 ft ) to keep the charger and batteries .
Solar Powered Charging Station
Solar powered charging station will require solar panel in addition to charger and batteries. The solar panels will be mounted outside . A typical 10 battery charging station , will require a rack of size ( 2 ft X 3ft X 3ft ) to keep the charger and batteries . For installation of solar panel , there is requirement of outdoor area of 200 sq ft .

Benefits of Battery Charging Station Project

The battery charging station project will help in providing light to those people who

  • do not have access to light today because they live in no-grid area
  • live near to the grid, however, cannot afford to connect to it

The battery charging station can be owned by an individual entrepreneur or a self help group who will run the project in a profitable manner and can earn their livelihood by renting the charged batteries at the charging station.

People who can not afford the initial investment for individual solar homelightng system or grid connection, can buy only a LED light and rent the battery or take both – Lamp and the battery on rent.

Through this project people will get better light which does not cause health hazards.

During the rainy season or cloudy weather there is a provision to charge the batteries through Diesel Generator or from Grid.

This project supports socio-economic activities like:

  • School and college going children can read and write during the night.
  • Income generating activities like handicrafts, weaving, selling in market late evening etc.
  • Lighting up during festivals, marriage, late evening/night functions etc and enjoy a quality life
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