Success Stories

Success Stories

  • Aim: Schneider Electric India Foundation offers Scholarship program support to higher academic opportunities for 2nd year engineering students who belong from a disadvantaged backgrounds by providing financial assistance for a period of 3 years to allow them to concentrate solely in their studies and who are generously committed towards their career in Engineering field.
  • 37 students have benefitted from Scholarship program in last 4 years
  • Rs. 27 lakhs awarded as scholarship so far

Top 12 colleges shortlisted for scholarship for 2012-13

  • Indian Institute of Tecnology, Chennai
  • Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore
  • College of Engineering, PUNE
  • R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore
  • Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal
  • Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
  • National Institute of Technology, Durgapur
  • National Institute of Technology, Trichy
  • M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore
  • PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh
  • VJTI, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • MNNIT, Allahabad
  • Rs. 9 Lakhs is required as budget for scholarship for financial year 2013-14
  • Approx Rs. 30,000/- per student per year
No Batch No BatchYear Name Of Scholar College Annual Income
1 Batch 1 2009-2010 NAGARAJ G M RVCE, Bangalore
2 Batch 1 2009-2010 PREETHI A K RVCE, Bangalore
3 Batch 1 2009-2010 AMRUTHBAU V RVCE, Bangalore
4 Batch 1 2009-2010 CHANDAN BHARTI MIT, Manipal
5 2009-2010 2009-2010 RAMYA MIT, Manipal
6 Batch 1 2009-2010 UNDE HARESHWAR BABAN VJTI, Mumbai
7 Batch 1 2009-2010 SNIGDHA AWASTHI MNNIT, Allahabad
11 Batch 2 2010-2011 Vinay Kumar M Kolli RVCE, Bangalore 11,000.00
12 Batch 2 2010-2011 Gajanana Abhyankar SJCE, Mysore 50,000.00
13 Batch 2 2010-2011 Mayur Dugar MIT, Manipal 3,25,000.00
14 Batch 2 2010-2011 Kulkarni Rahul Vijay VJTI, Mumbai 75,000.00
15 Batch 2 2010-2011 Gaurav Sultania NIT, Durgapur 1,60,000.00
16 Batch 2 2010-2011 Megha Gupta PEC, Chandigarh 1,24,180.00
17 Batch 2 2010-2011 K Nitish Kumar IIT, Chennai 2,33,962.00
18 Batch 2 2010-2011 Gopal Singh Rathore VIT, Vellore 55,000.00
19 Batch 2 2010-2011 Jeh Krishna Agarwal NIT, Trichy No income
20 Batch 2 2010-2011 Shruthi K V MSRIT, Bangalore No income
21 Batch 3 2011-2012 SMITHA K RVCE, Bangalore 11,000.00
22 Batch 3 2011-2012 KUMARA M SJCE, Mysore 11,000.00
23 Batch 3 2011-2012 AMAN KUMAR SINGH MIT, Manipal 1,50,000.00
24 Batch 3 2011-2012 SURAJ ARUN PAWAR VJTI, Mumbai 95,000.00
25 Batch 3 2011-2012 AAKRITI MAHESHWARY IIT, Delhi 1,80,000.00
26 Batch 3 2011-2012 HEENA SINGLA PEC, Chandigarh 2,27,500.00
27 Batch 3 2011-2012 ARVIND KUMAR JAIN VIT, Vellore 50,000.00
28 Batch 3 2011-2012 RASAL SANKET SANJAY COE, Pune 49,500.00
29 Batch 3 2011-2012 VISHNU DEV NIT, Trichy 1,80,000.00
30 Batch 4 2012-2013 POOJA ASHOK VARAMBALLY RVCE, Bangalore 25,000.00
31 Batch 4 2012-2013 NAGAMAHI VITTAL PRABHU SJCE, Mysore 11,000.00
32 Batch 4 2012-2013 ANNU PRIYA MIT, Manipal 2,09,050.00
33 Batch 4 2012-2013 BHARGAVA KULKARNI SJCE, Mysore 20,000.00
34 Batch 4 2012-2013 Ms. SUNANDA MSRIT, Bangalore 11,000.00
35 Batch 4 2012-2013 MADHURYA GANDI NIT, Durgapur 72,000.00
36 Batch 4 2012-2013 NEHA KASHINATH KUMAVAT COE, Pune 30,000.00
37 Batch 4 2012-2013 TANGUTURI ESWARA NAGA MANIKANTA VIT, Vellore 72,000.00

  • Name: Hareshwar Unde
  • Batch: 1st
  • Institute: VJTI College, Mumbai (India)
  • What Manoj Pandey has to say: Scholarship program, firstly I would like to extend my sincere gratitude towards SEIF for such a noble initiative. This has helped me to pursue my higher studies. I received this scholarship for consecutive 3 years. I feel honoured for being a part of a World Fortune company like Schneider Electric India.

    I feel glad to inform that I joined Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd. as a GET on 2nd July'2012 in Automation unit and my base location is Chennai. Currently, I am in Saudi Arabia for site commissioning from almost 1 month and will return to Chennai .
Mayur's Annual Household income is below Rs. 2,25,000
  • Name: Manoj Pandey
  • Batch: 1st
  • Institute: COE College, Pune (India)
  • What Manoj Pandey has to say: I had been selected for SEIF scholarship program. It has been great honour to be beneficiary of such good initiative. I really wants to thank for such needy help to accomplish my B.Tech. degree. I am working in Cummins India Ltd. right  now as a Design Engineer. It is great working culture here, motivating people and joyful colleagues.  I appreciate your efforts to make my career growing.
  • Name: Susmha Agjal
  • Batch: 1st
  • Institute: COE, Pune (India)
  • What Rahul has to say: I would like to thank Schneider Electric India Foundation for extending a kind support through SEIF Scholarship Program. It not only helped me to pursue my graduation but it had built a financial stability for me. I would always be grateful for such a overwhelming support. Thanks again.
    I work with Cummins India Limited in International Marketing. I wish to pursue MBA through a good institute.  
  • Name: Snigdha Awasthi
  • Batch: 1st
  • Institute: MNNIT, Allahabad (India)
  • What Snigdha Awasthi has to say: I will always be thankful to SEI Foundation for helping me rediscover myself and restore faith in my capabilities at the very outset of my career, when it was much needed. It helped me immensely to boost my confidence level. The scholarship acted like a boon on me and ameliorated my perspective of looking at my life in a stupendous way, which helped me to lead a successful career. To encapsulate my obligation in a few words, I would just like to state that Schneider Electric India Foundation not only supported me financially but also braced me at the very dawn of my career to make myself adept enough to face new challenges in life and thus, accrediting me to taste success ahead.

    Currently I am working as a Systems Engineer in BrahMos Aerospace Pvt.Ltd. and after gaining one or two years of experience, I plan to proceed for higher studies. I hope to augment my success in future so that the foundation feels proud of bolstering me to shape my career in an efficacious way. I also anticipate that this scholarship helps more and more students in the coming years and helps them achieve their ambitious pursuits in life.
  • Name: Preethi A K
  • Batch: 1st
  • Institute: RVCE College, Mumbai (India)
  • What Preethi A K has to say: It is with extreme gratitude that I write this mail of thanks to you. My name is Preethi AK. I am the proud recipient of the 'SEIF Scholarship Program'(Batch 1).After graduation in 2011, I am currently working for Tesco, UK's largest retailer and am excited with this wonderful start for my career. Thanks to your confidence in me, you reaffirm that my dreams are possible. Throughout my academic career at RVCE, I have aimed for excellence. Receiving this scholarship made that goal much easier to obtain. Your generosity is appreciated and accepted with extreme honour. I once again thank you sincerely for believing in me.
  • Name: Amruth Babu V
  • Batch: 1st
  • Institute: RVCE College, Mumbai (India)
  • What Amruth Babu V has to say: I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for the Scholarship given. I am happy for this honor and I am deeply appreciative for the support. The financial assistance you provided helped me in paying my educational expenses.

    I am happy to let you know that I am working in Toyota Kirloskar motors in Product design and development div as an engineer. Journey till now wouldn't have been so smother without your kindness and support.

    Thank you again for your generosity and support. I promise you I will work very hard and eventually give something back to others.
  • Name: Nagaraj G M
  • Batch: 1st
  • Institute: RVCE College, Mumbai (India)
  • What Nagaraj G M has to say: I hereby thank Schneider Electric India Foundation for awarding me the scholarship that helped me fulfill my dream! This has helped me concentrate more on my studies and I proudly share that I have been the topper of my department.

    I feel great to be a SEIF scholar!
  • Name: Gopal Singh Rathore
  • Batch: 2nd
  • Institute: RVCE College, Mumbai (India)
  • What Gopal Singh Rathore has to say: My name is Gopal Singh Rathore completed my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from VIT University, Vellore in 2013. I was a Schneider Electric India Foundation Scholar. SEIF has helped me in making my dreams a reality. I am very thankful to SEIF for giving me the scholarship. It motivated me throughout my B.Tech to do well in academics and extracurricular activities. I also would like to tell you that presently I am working as GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee) in INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY (ICAT), MANESAR, HARYANA. ICAT is a division under National Automotive Testing, Research and Development Infrastructure Project (NATRIP),Govt. of India. SEIF has played important role in achieving this by motivating me towards a good career.
  • Name: Megha Gupta
  • Batch: 2nd
  • Institute: PCE College, Chandigarh (India)
  • What Megha Gupta has to say: I, Megha Gupta, undergraduate student from Production Engineering, PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, is one of the beneficiaries of the scholarship program of Schneider Electric India foundation since my second year of engineering. I was awarded this scholarship for my meritorious achievements, and being the topper of my discipline.

    This scholarship has helped me greatly, as my confidence was boosted manifold. Being rewarded by one of the premier firms of India for my academic achievements is a matter of pride for me. The motto of scholarship says "To help them shape their dreams", and the scholarship did help me shape my dreams. I am more committed to excel in my field of engineering and justify the reward.

    I would like to thank Schneider Electric India Foundation for such an initiative. You have done a wonderful job by understanding the dreams of many students, and your initiative will surely fulfill the dreams of many of the talented and deserving students of the country.
  • Name: Vinaykumar M Kolli
  • Batch: 2nd
  • Institute: Vinaykumar M Kolli
  • What Vinaykumar M Kolli has to say: I thank Schneider Electric India Foundation for providing me the scholarship and helping me to pursue my engineering education without any financial burden. The SEIF has become light of life for many students who were in the crucial financial situation during their education.

    I once again thank SEIF for the help and motivation. I would like to be in touch with SEIF forever to help the student community in the best possible way. 
  • Name: Gaurav Sultania
  • Batch: 2nd
  • Institute: NIT, Durgapur (India)
  • What Gaurav Sultania has to say: I would like to thank you very much for renewing my scholarship and also the Schneider Electric India Foundation for continuously helping me for the same. I have successfully completed my graduation from NIT Durgapur and the scholarship program has been a great help for me  throughout the 4 years of my college life.
  • Name: Jeh Agarwal
  • Batch: 2nd
  • Institute: NIT, Trichy (India)
  • What Jeh Agarwal has to say: The Schneider Electric India Foundation scholarship came as a boon to me. At a time when my family was reeling with financial difficulties and I was unable to pay for my education, this scholarship relieved me of the problems and enabled me to continue my education. I could once again concentrate on my studies and my performance improved. I am extremely grateful to Schneider Electric India Foundation for supporting my academics through this noble endeavour which has helped hundreds of students to pursue their dreams.
  • Name: Rahul Kulkarni
  • Batch: 2nd
  • Institute: VJTI, Mumbai (India)
  • What Rahul Kulkarni has to say: Schneider Electric India Foundation is a unique initiative which reaches out to people and places where it matters. I received my scholarship in my second year of engineering and throughout till the end.

    This scholarship has been a matter of pride and financial assistance to me. Self sufficiency in educational period of life was possible due to the scholarship.

    I am grateful to Schneider Electric India Foundation for considering me for this wonderful opportunity which has benefited me in so many ways.
  • Name:Mayur Dugar
  • Batch: 2nd
  • Institute: MIT College, Manipal (India)
  • What Mayur Dugar has to say: At first I would like to appreciate SEI foundation to take the Scholarship initiative. It was a memorable experience by all of us. I found the selection process very helpful. It not only helped me get an insight of where I was then, but also where I should be and hence could work on it in near future to fill the gaps. I was a great experience to be interviewed by the respected HRs (quiet early in 2nd yr) and know their opinions too, which was definitely precious for me. I must appreciate as the whole process was well conducted too.

    Right from the very beginning the scholarship not only gave me financial help but also helped me uplift my confidence at every step, also gave me an edge and even boosted me to perform better. As a student I would like to express by gratitude towards Schneider Electric India Foundation for Choosing & having the faith in me. I would also like to express my best regards to all those who were, who are and who will be a part of this great initiative !
  • Batch: 2nd
  • Institute:SJCE College, Mysore (India)
  • What SJCE College, Mysore (India) has to say: Its a great pleasure to me to thank SEI foundation for the scholarship program. The scholarship helped me a lot in my Engineering studies. I'm really thank full to the financial help from Schneider Electric India Ltd.
  • Name: Aakriti Maheshwary
  • Batch: 3rd
  • Institute: IIT-Delhi (India)
  • What Aakriti Maheshwary has to say: I am very grateful to Schneider Electric India  Foundation (SEIF)  for selecting me for this prestigious Scholarship. SEIF scholarship has really helped me to pursue my degree without any hurdles. This scholarship is going to play a very important role in my career. I did my Summer internship this year  (2013) in Goldman Sachs, Bangalore as a Technology analyst.

    I am once again thankful to SEIF for giving me this scholarship which has helped me in pursuing my dreams.
  • Name: Aman Kumar Singh
  • Batch: 3rd
  • Institute: NIT, Durgapur (India)
  • What Aman Kumar Singh has to say: I would like to extend my sincere thanks to  the Schneider Electric India Foundation, for awarding me with the scholarship. This scholarship has been of a great help to me and my family. The amount of encouragement and confidence that i have gained after being awarded with the scholarship is huge and incomparable. I have pursued many technical projects/workshops with the help of this scholarship.

    Currently I am in my final year, Schneider Electric is visiting our campus this month for recruiting interns. Hoping to get through.
  • Name: Arvind Kumar Jain
  • Batch: 3rd
  • Institute: VIT, Vellore (India)
  • What Arvind Kumar Jain has to say: I am very glad and thankful to Schneider Electric India Foundation for selecting me for such a prestigious scholarship. It has helped me a lot in meeting my academic fees in time and boost up my confidence level.

    After getting selected for SEIF scholarship I started performing better compared to past. I started to work with Energy and Environment Protection Club (E2PC), the official Eco Club of VIT University and became Event Manager of the club. I got a chance to do summer internship with Indian Railway which was great experience. Now I am the manager of "Team Uttejit" which is the first team of VIT University to design Eco Cart. I am involved in various academics as well as extracurricular activities in my college.

    This is a great initiative by SEIF to support the students in need and surely made a great difference in my life as well as in society.
  • Name: Kumara M
  • Batch: 3rd
  • Institute: SJCE College, Mysore (India)
  • What Kumara M has to say: I wholeheartedly thank you for the recognition and the scholarship provided. It was of great help indeed as it was useful for attending courses which aided my academic progress. Also I was able to put the scholarship amount in the right path by purchasing valuable books and paying fees for the college which reflected in my academics fruitfully. I assure you to make even better use of the it in coming year. I thank once again for the scholarship.
  • Name: Smitha K
  • Batch: 3rd
  • Institute: IIT-Delhi (India)
  • What Smitha K has to say: I would like to show my gratitude for your support .with your support my economic problem solved in large extent and I have secured 9points in 6semesters and I have got first place in national level paper presentation on the topic "PV array and Super capacitor for power quality control of renewal energy resources". I have done my internship for a month in BHEL electronics division, Bangalore. Your support encouraged me to achieve more . Thank you very much for noble thought of helping poor students.
    After getting selected for SEIF scholarship I started performing better compared to past. I started to work with Energy and Environment Protection Club (E2PC), the official Eco Club of VIT University and became Event Manager of the club. I got a chance to do summer internship with Indian Railway which was great experience. Now I am the manager of "Team Uttejit" which is the first team of VIT University to design Eco Cart. I am involved in various academics as well as extracurricular activities in my college.

    This is a great initiative by SEIF to support the students in need and surely made a great difference in my life as well as in society.
  • Name: Vishnu Dev
  • Batch: 3rd
  • Institute: NIT,Tiruchirappalli (India)
  • What Vishnu Dev has to say: Firstly I should thank you and the foundation for providing this prestigious scholarship.

    "Schneider Electric India Foundation is doing a commendable job in providing financial support to students like me with not a strong financial background. It has truly bolstered my spirits and has provided me immense confidence in facing challenges in life. I will continue to serve as a valuable recipient of this scholarship and strive hard to excel in all endeavours that I pursue. I am extremely grateful and proud to be a Schneider Electric scholar ".

    Further not only I have been active in academics but my initiative to go beyond the study materials landed me a research internship at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany for a period of three months that just got completed in August and it was fully funded by DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst). 
  • Name: Suraj Arun Pawar
  • Batch: 3rd
  • Institute: VJTI, Mumbai (India)
  • What Suraj Arun Pawar has to say: I received Schneider Electric Scholarship in the year 2011-12. I consider myself great to receive such prestigious award. This scholarship has increased my confidence in myself and had always acted as motivation during my four years of engineering.

    Every semester I challenge myself to increase my GPA higher than the semester before. Receiving this scholarship had made that goal much easier to obtain. Your generosity is appreciated and accepted with extreme honor. I once again thank you sincerely for believing in me.

    Thanks again for your generous contribution. 

    In the future I am going to take work experience in Larsen & Toubro, (placed recently) for two years and then I wish to do my masters in mechanical engineering abroad.
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