Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Schneider Electric Wins Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Award

Schneider Electric Wins Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Award

Schneider Electric received the Parivartan Sustainability Innovation Challenge Award 2013 in the Resource Monitoring Systems segment for pioneering unique data capture and consumption monitoring technologies.

Schneider Electric has always been at the forefront of the resource conservation discourse focused on achieving reduction in energy consumption. The award recognized Schneider Electric's innovation that enables real time measurement, recording and analysis of the resources (e.g. energy and water) consumed during day to day operations of a business or an industry.

Sudhir Johri, Director, Schneider Electric India Foundation received the Award from Suresh Prabhu, Former Union Cabinet Minister, Govt. of India on 17 October 2013 at the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum, held in New Delhi. The jury selected Schneider Electric over Cognizant Technologies and two start-ups who were the other finalists.

In addition to winning the award, Schneider Electric was one of the finalists for Corporate Sustainability Stewardship Award for Manufacturing Segment.

Over 600 companies across seven categories participated in the 2013 edition of Parivartan Awards. The winners were arrived at after a rigorous three-step review that resulted in shortlisting of 60 finalists. The nominations were judged by an eminent 6 member jury headed by Suresh Prabhu, former Cabinet Minister; Dr Bhaskar Chatterjee, Director General and CEO, Indian Institute of Corporate Affair; KC Mehra, Chairman, National Board for Quality Promotion; Dr David Dornfeld, Chair Professor of Sustainability and Manufacturing, University of California at Berkeley; MK Venu, Executive Editor, The Hindu and Dr Jahar Saha, former Director, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. The Award function was preceded by a daylong summit. Speakers during the summit included Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime Minister and Chairperson of the National Innovation Council, leaders such as former Union Cabinet Minister Suresh Prabhu, Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency and corporate captains from leading organizations. The think-tank present at the summit unanimously felt the need for the Indian industry to imbibe sustainability as a core aspect in their business planning and emerge as a differentiated lot in a rapidly changing resource constrained world.

Know Our Winning Entry

Struxureware Energy Operations

Resource monitoring systems represent a tremendous opportunity, but they often present a challenge as most of them require manual data entry. Schneider Electric's Struxureware Energy Operations offers a unique combination of recording data directly from meters into a software that can monitor, record and analyze energy consumption.

Energy Online is a part of Schneider's Struxureware (R) suite of solutions, which is based on open standards. It is a solution that integrates on site meters that record the data with web-based software that has capabilities to monitor,  record and analyze the energy performance. This is the biggest differentiator when we consider comparable solutions, which are typically based on customized or proprietary software. This enables installation of energy online on any site, whether they use Schneider Electric's meters or not. It can be installed at an individual site level (e.g. a factory) and can be accessed using the local intranet. For multi-site locations, it can be used over the local intranet or via a cloud-based platform. Thus, it can be used by multiple levels of users within the organization, from the energy manager to the top management.

Energy online thus not only tracks energy performance for a facility and identifies energy savings opportunities, but also helps in monitoring and benchmarking carbon emissions across multiple locations. It is also capable of monitoring and reporting WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Energy and Steam) for industrial facilities and buildings. The uniqueness of this solution is as follows:

  • It combines hardware (meters) and software (monitoring, recording and analysis).
  • Many comparable solutions are purely software based, which require manual intervention for data entry.
  • Energy online automates the data collection and recording process.

Energy Online has been installed across multiple locations in India till date, and is being used by over a dozen Indian companies, covering multiple sectors of industries. Several thousand metering points have been installed or are being planned for installation in 2013.

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Awards & Recognition
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