Donation Opportunities

Donation Opportunities

How can you and I contribute in this endeavour?

Patronising any good work brings in plenty of joy to the giver and to the receiver. It is a blessing showered upon oneself for reaching out to a needy. Yes, here is a unique opportunity to brighten the lives of the rural lot who are eagerly waiting to be uplifted from the clutches of poverty, to be led from darkness to light, and also to the path of success.

We invite all to join us in our endeavour to become a new hope, a promise to the underprivileged of our own society. Yes, they too have the right to a life with dignity as we desire for ourselves.

Donations to Schneider Electric India Foundation can be sent either by:

  • Cheque
  • Demand Draft
  • Direct Bank Transfer (RTGS) from donor’s personal account and
  • Through Payroll deduction with a letter from employee to HR indicating the amount and Frequency of deduction (for Schneider employees)

Cheque or Demand Draft to be drawn in favor of “Schneider Electric India Foundation” only

Cash collected at each location can be deposited into the HDFC Bank account of the fund (as given below) from any HDFC branch at respective locations

For Direct Fund Transfer (RTGS), the bank information is as given below:

  • Beneficiary: Schneider Electric India Foundation
  • Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd.
  • A/c No: 05231110000265
  • RTGS: HDFC0000523

Electrician program

1. Sponsor one underprivileged unemployed youth for the Electrical Training program

Expense Amount: INR 10,000

2. Sponsor a batch of students (up to 25) from the Electrician training program

Training Cost: INR 2,50,000/-

Rural Electrification

3. Adopt an un-electrified household to provide lights

Expense Amount:: INR 5,000/-

4. Adopt an un-electrified village to provide lights

Expense amount: INR 5,00,000/

Scholarship to Engineering students

5. Sponsor the education of one Engineering student

Cost: INR 30,000/- per year

For general cause of SEI Foundation

6.You are free to donate any amount towards Foundations Social cause

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     Sponsor one underprivileged unemployed youth for the Electrical Training program
     Sponsor a batch of students (up to 25) from the Electrician training program
     Adopt an un-electrified household to provide lights
     Adopt an un-electrified village to provide lights
     Sponsor the education of one Engineering student
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Our Accomplishments

Electrician training
  • 163 Electrician training Centers in 21 states
  • 1 exclusive Women Electrician center in Chennai
  • 24600 unemployed youth trained
Conserve My Planet
  • 264 registered schools across India
  • 528 Teachers inducted as "Change makers" in the School Campuses
  • 17435 students as Green Ambassadors enrolled in Indian Schools
  • 450000+ Other students were benefitted by the various energy saving Campaigns
  • 12.5 lakhs adults have been sensitized on energy savings by the Green Ambassadors
  • 183284 KwH energy saved as a result of Conserve@ Home and Campus modules
  • 55 Bip Bop Scholarships offered to 16 Engineering collages + 1 DET in India
Schneider Electric Teachers
  • 64 Subject matter Experts have contributed more than 200 Hours of Expertise through Schneider Electric teachers Platform at our training centers in India
  • 291 trained entrepreneurs supported to start their own business in the remote villages of India
  • 70% of the trained electricians are employed
  • 7744 Households electrified with 38720 beneficiaries in 33 remote villages
  • Schneider Electric India Foundation intervention during Phailin devastation areas in Orissa by installing water of Sun in the village impacted approximately 2000 lives positively
Awards & Recognition
Conserve My Planet
  • 201 registered schools across India
  • 402 Green Teachers
  • 11235 Green Ambassadors as Change agents across Indian schools
  • 457604 Other Students involved in various Green Campaigns
  • 1250808 Adults have been reached through Green Initiatives
  • 84134 kWh of Energy saved through 2 modules Conserve @ Home and Campus.
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