Electrician Training Centers

Electrician Training Centers

India is a vast and diverse country with tremendous disparity between different strata of the society.Very often poverty illiteracy, poor health, lack of economic development has a common root cause; limited or no access to energy. Amongst a population of 1.2 billion, 500 million people are deprived of electricity particularly as we move down the income levels. The rural population bears the brunt of it. Skilled labour is an absolute prerequisite for providing access to electricity but suitably trained electricians are scarce and the lack of proper electrician training has hindered the development and progress of India's youth.

Skill gaps in India:
  • Lack of market driven training programmes
  • Caters mainly to organized manufacturing sector (only 10% of the total workforce)
  • Not catering to sunrise industries and services sectors
  • Poor infrastructure / Lack of sufficient raw material, consumables for training
  • Lack of motivated & well qualified trainers
  • Entry barriers for school drop-outs

Hence Schneider Electric India Foundation developed a sustainable programme to bring safe and clean electricity to the people who need it most worldwide. To achieve this objective we sponsor the training of young people from the bottom of pyramid in electrical skills. After completion of the training, Schneider India Foundation assists the trainees to get employed.

Our Accomplishments

Electrician training
  • 163 Electrician training Centers in 21 states
  • 1 exclusive Women Electrician center in Chennai
  • 24600 unemployed youth trained
Conserve My Planet
  • 264 registered schools across India
  • 528 Teachers inducted as "Change makers" in the School Campuses
  • 17435 students as Green Ambassadors enrolled in Indian Schools
  • 450000+ Other students were benefitted by the various energy saving Campaigns
  • 12.5 lakhs adults have been sensitized on energy savings by the Green Ambassadors
  • 183284 KwH energy saved as a result of Conserve@ Home and Campus modules
  • 55 Bip Bop Scholarships offered to 16 Engineering collages + 1 DET in India
Schneider Electric Teachers
  • 64 Subject matter Experts have contributed more than 200 Hours of Expertise through Schneider Electric teachers Platform at our training centers in India
  • 291 trained entrepreneurs supported to start their own business in the remote villages of India
  • 70% of the trained electricians are employed
  • 7744 Households electrified with 38720 beneficiaries in 33 remote villages
  • Schneider Electric India Foundation intervention during Phailin devastation areas in Orissa by installing water of Sun in the village impacted approximately 2000 lives positively
Awards & Recognition
Conserve My Planet
  • 201 registered schools across India
  • 402 Green Teachers
  • 11235 Green Ambassadors as Change agents across Indian schools
  • 457604 Other Students involved in various Green Campaigns
  • 1250808 Adults have been reached through Green Initiatives
  • 84134 kWh of Energy saved through 2 modules Conserve @ Home and Campus.
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